Gutters, Soffit, & Fascia

Gutters, Soffit, & Fascia

If your gutters aren’t working properly, rainwater can slowly damage the house itself. Water that lands at the base of your house can even cause interior flooding, basement leaks or foundation damage.

Also, you may notice damaged soffit & fascia boards from water intrusion caused by poorly functioning gutters. We will replace those damaged soffit & fascia boards. We inspect those along with the roof and will make recommendations as needed.

For homeowners who want to fix, or avoid, gutter problems, Atlanta Home Renovations understands that it is the ideal time to install new gutters when you replace your roof. New rain gutters and downspouts protect the investment you just made, and help brighten your home’s appearance. Ask us about our free gutter promo!

About Our Gutters

The majority of gutters installed today are seamless k-style gutters. Most people prefer seamless k- style gutters, because no seams means no leaks. This helps in ensuring that water is carried away from your home efficiently,, preventing excessive water infiltration. Our dedicated staff, with expert installation techniques, helps to maintain the strength of the gutter system.

The Seamless K-Style Gutters are efficient, effective, and durable. These seamless K-Style gutters are said to blend better with the modern architectural trends, adding beauty and value to your property exterior.

It has numerous advantages such as it can hold more water than a rounded or half-rounded gutter, irrespective of the diameter. Due to its unique shape, the seamless K-Style gutters are stronger which means they will less likely bend if high force is applied. Additional styles available.

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